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March Business Spotlight – Columbus West Park (CWP)

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We want to hire residents within the Hilltop.”  – Tom Stewart,  President of CWP.

This Month’s HBA Business Spotlight highlights a business that is going out of it’s way to help Hilltop’s residents through employment initiatives, caring for our elderly, and getting involved in the Hilltop Business Association.    Tom Stewart, the president of CWP sits on the HBA board and has been involved in our neighborhood for over 25 years.

Columbus West Park (CWP)’s beginnings in the Hilltop community goes back to 1984.  In 1997, Columbus West Park Home Care began to serve the non-medical needs of the community at home.  In 2013, Hilltop Home Care (HHC) began as a full service Medicare home care company.  CWP is working closely with the Alzheimer’s Association – Central Ohio Chapter and Columbus Alzheimer Care Center to expand our services for Alzheimer patients.  At the same time, CWP is working closely with Mount Carmel Hospice to expand their service for hospice patients.  In the future, CWP may become a satellite location of Mount Carmel Hospice.

 CWP and HHC has hired their first company Chaplain, the Rev. Dan Clark.  He will be the Program Director for Alzheimer and Hospice Care, and is working with both of those groups studying their best practices.  Another initiative for Dan Clark is to interact with the churches on the Hilltop to develop a comfort level between ministers and their congregations when they are dealing with times of stress and need the services of CWP and HHC.

Tom’s vision for HHC was that the Hilltop community would have a quality agency that it could call its own.  Additionally, HHC is going to provide employment and training for new nursing assistants at the company’s expense.

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