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Join us February 16th at Dirty Franks West!

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February 16   6:00 PM to 8:30 PM   Dirty Frank’s West

OPEN MEETING   February 16    
We have an exciting program to highlight the uptick in information compiled through the Homes on the Hill assessments project, Kirwin Institue and MORPC.    Nancy Reger – MORPC has updates detailing neighborhoods and great factual information.   Investing?   Looking to see why and how your neighborhood or area business may need assistance or how your input can help?  We will be  addressing our area highlights and our area needs in a  factual and comprehensive way to help City of Columbus Mayor Ginther’s initiative on the Hilltop.

This meeting will detail how WE become a stronger group to assist the growth and improvements in the Greater Hilltop Area.

Please RSVP to Nancy Rhynard
Also, DIRTY FRANKS is highlighting a new menu opening February 16!   You’re going to love this too.

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