Thursday, April 26th, 2018


Why the Hilltop? Because it’s Full of Opportunity.
The Greater Hilltop area of Columbus Ohio hosts a diverse multicultural environment.  With our diversity comes excellent opportunity for both small and large businesses.  Our economic base is an even split of white collar and blue collar occupations and family households hold a majority.  We have a population density of 20% more per square mile than overall Columbus statistics.

Area business support includes numerous large businesses, superior area hospitals, active community groups and non-profits hosting quality housing and community services.  Most area businesses own their buildings.  Commercial rents are some of the most reasonable and accommodating in the Greater Columbus area.

Housing is affordable with several different neighborhood styles from traditional established housing to new builds.  Area parks provide community enhancement.

The Hilltop holds several major thoroughfares that easily connect downtown Columbus with close communities and suburbs.  Our National Route 40 is a popular landmark and well traveled.  Public transportation is accommodating and alternative transportation is supported.

The Greater Hilltop area is home to dozens of accountants, attorneys, financial institutions, insurance, real estate agents, business service providers and others.  Personal service industries are medical, retail and convenience, automotive and others. Historically, small business thrives well in the Greater Hilltop area receiving much local community support.

New ideas mix with tradition in the Greater Hilltop area. The business and residential community values and respects the qualities of entrepreneurism, diversity and multiculturalism. Area residents and businesses work to not only preserve heritage but welcome change and innovation.

Nancy Rhynard
HBA, Economic Development Chair

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