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2014 Historic Hilltop Bean Dinner

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Join us this year for the 2014 Hilltop Bean Dinner!   It is being held on June 28th between the hours of 10am – 5pm.  We will be featuring  MoJo Theory, the historical car show, and great food and art vendors.   More information to come, we look forward to seeing you there!

Food Vender information HERE

Arts and Craft information HERE

Booth space for businesss HERE

If you have other questions contact Nancy Rhynard  at 614-531-5665 or or Brian Bainbridge at 614-560-3018 or

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7 Responses to “2014 Historic Hilltop Bean Dinner”
  1. Karen McVey says:

    I think the bean soup should be homemade instead of buying jars of bean soup and pouring them in. It is so easy and cheap to make. I never understood the concept of buying jars of it….Several HUGE pots could be cooked ahead of time.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ms. McVey, you will be happy to know that the soup is homemade! However, we do not use dried beans, those large jars or cans you might have seen are beans only. We have been using the same recipe for many years. Currently, the recipe is in the hands of Daryll Drone, a local business owner who lives in the Hilltop. We are always looking for help with making the beans and cooking the day of the Bean Dinner. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us at Thank you for your feedback!

  3. Dawn Weimer says:

    When is 2014 fabulous Bean Dinner scheduled! Can’t wait for next year!!!

  4. admin says:

    Hi Dawn! The Bean Dinner is always on the 4th Saturday of June. In 2014, the Bean Dinner will be held on June 28th. See you then!

  5. Dawn Weimer says:

    Thank you can’t wait for some homemade bean soup!

  6. Tam White says:

    Just moved to the Hilltop from Gahanna and went to the Bean Dinner as a volunteer for my church. Having hot beans on a hot day did not sound appealing but I am soooo glad I did not say no!! It was absolutely delicious- I wish it was around all year long!! The entire event was well-organized and a lot of fun!


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